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Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden 2019

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Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden 2015

Clinton Smith

(b. 1973, UK)


Clinton Smith is a craftsman, engineer and sculptor, working predominantly in metal and resin.

Heating and manipulating metal since pre- teenage years, Smith, a third generation craftsman in metalwork and engineering invention, served an apprenticeship in mechanical and automotive engineering.

Smith’s knowledge and technical expertise has developed through 30 years of practise, application and experimentation; from the complex design process through to the self- manufacture of bespoke high performance vehicles and various other items.

Clinton's passion for design and functionality, coupled with his precise attention to detail, is realised through traditionally handcrafted and modern metal fabricating techniques.

Influenced by his wife Anna Smith, a designer and printmaker, their sculpture work, perfectly balances raw energy with a sense of calm.

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