Clinton Engineered 



(w)hole is a 2 metre sphere, formed in steel entirely by hand with meticulous attention to detail.


Within highlights a repetition of space by marrying almost 1000 individual steel bars together into a multidimensional cube.


Designed to sway with the breeze at 2-3 metres in height XII is a metal sculpture with 12 heads, each hand-gilded with 23.5 carat gold. 


Portal is formed from solid iron and provides the concept of an entrance to another place and time.

Elliptical shadows are cast that are ever moving and changing shape by the influence of the sun. 


This sculpture was commissioned to mark an important birthday.

A large group of individually handcrafted bulrushes designed and created to interact with the landscape in which they sit.

Friends were invited to contribute towards the sculpture as a birthday present and have their initials hand punched into the bulrushes as a lasting memory.

Mesmerising to the eye the bulrushes move gently in unison, heads textured carefully and will naturally age in their environment, a mixture of with and without leaves and some with heads gilded in 22.5 carat champagne gold.