Ornate iron work

The 3 pictures below show an ornate iron bell pull, nearly 100 years old and in need of replacement.

Very carefully and with the greatest attention to detail iron has been worked and the original matched using fine craftsmanship skills.

Hand worked iron finely crafted to match the sample window catch assembly provided.

One assembly was misplaced and a replacement simply not available.

The rusty example is the original, the painted is the new hand crafted match.

Fruit cage.

This fairly large solid iron structure was made to fit an existing garden area.

The pictures below show some of the detail incorporated into the design.

Netting then to be fitted as a barrier against wildlife.

Fire basket made from 25mm solid iron square bar.

Finished in high temperature heat paint.


Guttering brackets for a listed building. 

(Picture to the right)

The old brackets deteriorated and no longer available.

Replacements were crafted to match the old and be in keeping with the building.


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